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John Arlidge,

The Sunday Times

"A 'must' for anyone interested in the future of what many regard as Britain's most important cultural institution and our greatest source of 'soft power' on the world stage."

Libby Purves,

The Times

"A frighteningly informative torrent of history, politics, global economics and warm sympathy...[The message is that] markets aren't everything, culture matters, the BBC has rich unaccountable enemies, suffers tiresome regulation. But it's important, and we would miss it."

Dorian Lynskey,

The Guardian

"This book's value lies in its accumulation of myth-busting data...[Its] urgent conclusion establishes just how much Britain stands to lose if the BBC as we know it fails."

Alex Barker,

Financial Times

"Part business textbook, campaigning guide and sprightly whodunnit...the authors...capture the extraordinary animus directed at the BBC from some quarters, and the hollowness of some of the anti-BBC arugments."

Ian Burrell,

"Scrupulously research...[it] exposes the myths behind the onslaught [against the BBC].

Simon Heffer,
The Daily Telegraph

'It is admirable of the authors to wish to save this institution, because aspects of it are genuinely worth saving: but if the arguments in this book were deployed to the British public, rather than to the select group of bien-pensants who are alone likely to be its readers, it would close within months."

Ivor Gaber,

"Written with wit and panache ... like taking a stroll through the social and political history of Britain from Thatcher onwards"

Paul Donovan,

Morning Star

"I have long regarded the Corporation as hostile to the left...But, having read [this] book, the importance of defending the BBC...becomes all the more apparent. The authors meticulously examine [the] forces set on destroying the broadcaster."

Sam Leith,


"...Barwise and York do a good job of unpicking [the] cliches and,... busting myths."

Patrick Howse,

"...a thorough and perceptive analysis of...the big challenges facing the BBC, and the malevolent and dishonest forces raging against it."

Richard Tait,
British Journalism Review

"This entertainingly written but deeply serious book...should be ready by anyone who cares about our profession - and perhaps, in light of recent events across the Atlantic, our democracy as well."

Tim Crook,


"At [its] core is important research and forensic deconstruction of the varied forces chipping and gnawing away at the BBC's reputation, popularity and stability."

Liz Thomson,

" important book which puts its case it's to be hoped that Penguin...will give copies to every MP and the hope that a grown-up debate may ensue."

Raymond Snoddy,

"...should be included in its entirety in the Ofcom consultation [on the future of public service broadcasting]...The devastating...demolition of a rather special Daily Mail article is worth the purchase price of the book."

Pat Holland,
Journal of British Cinema and Television

"...this important remarkable for the range and extent of its carefully researched evidence and the detail of its documentation...packed with facts and indispensable for its depth and scope."

Chris Bateman,

"Across fourteen details and thoroughly researched chapters (plus five appendices) [the authors] set out to define what the BBC is, assess its role in today's media landscape and take a deep dive into its rivals while questioning the often shady and obscure motivations for the attacks."


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